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its been a long time coming./ stepping down.

Guys and Girls.
Well this is a much past overdue announcement.
I am stepping down as owner and operator of prive_elite.
I'm twenty two years old. Im finishing my undergraduate work at UCF, and soon ill be taking the MCATS and waiting to hear from medical schools.
I really need to focus on school and the next phase of my life. It's just not fair to be here and not contribute.
Im leaving the community to Bridget or as many of you know her better as mydeadparadise. She is an original moderater and knows what it takes to run this place and the expectations we hold for new members.
I will continue to be a member so I can comment and post.

To the members:
You all have been an amazing part of this community. Many of you have been here for years and it makes me so happy that you all wanted to be a part of such a great place. I hope you all will continue to post and share your're moments and memories with all of us.

To the moderators:
This community would have never survived had it not been for you guys. Although it is just a community, it still takes time and dedication to keep a community successfully running. I cannot possibly thank you all enough for you're help.

It's been fun everyone, it really has. But it's time for me to take my leave. :)
Ill still be around on ocassion, and i wish everyone the best of luck with all of their endeavours.

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