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Name, age, & location:
Lucía, 16, Buenos Aires

Tell us one interesting thing about yourself:
I've been running a fansite dedicated to Marion Raven for two years, and it has now become the biggest one dedicated to her (

Pick 2+ members you think are "elite," & provide us with usernames & photos. [The members & mods are here.]



Pick your favorite mod & tell us why! [include photo/s]
_j_e_s_s_i_. She has the perfect hair, and is so beautiful.

Who promoted you here/where did you find prive_elite?
I was browsing through some journals, and one had the link to this community. Sorry, I closed it, so I don't know who.

Put one of our promotional banners in your user info, and in an entry in your personal journal.

Post a minimum of 5 photos & a 200x266 photo for the members page. [If you can't resize one, let us know which photo you want to be used & we will do it for you.]

(on my knees)


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