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Okay guys, I really don't want this community to die ... specially after it was left in my name =/

So if ya'll have any sort of ideas share em. I want to get themes back because those were simple and easy to participate in. I'll also see about superlatives because ya'll seemed to like those.

So ideas for themes or superlatives or any sort of activities would be great. If you help me with ideas I bet we can get this place going with some more activity. I'm going to do the best I can with the time I have ... or rather, don't have.


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Hey guys just wanted to remind everyone to enter the superlative that's about to wrap up - it's one that I know ALL of you could really well so I want to see some cute pictures with props :)

Post here to enter!

I'll have the voting up in a couple of days when my new job settles down a little bit and I finish this deadline for part of my bio research paper. I hope you're all doing great! ♥