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for those born into the fabulous life

we don't pay cover, bouncers don't check us & we walk around the metal detectors

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Prive Elite is currently closed. If we re-open, previously accepted members will be notified and will not have to re-apply so that we can once again take applications with the same high standards we have always maintained. We wish everyone the best for now, thanks for being a part of Prive!

♥ The Mods ♥

Welcome to prive_elite, the most elite rating community on LiveJournal. We only accept the utmost in elite here so if you don't have what it takes, you are not getting in. Think you got what it takes? Then apply and we'll give you our opinion.

01. You must be at least 15 to apply here. If you're younger than that don't bother. You're just annoying.
02. You are not allowed to comment on any post until you are accepted.
03. Keep in mind: If you apply, you're asking for our opinion. So don't argue with the members of the community if you don't get in.
04. If you are rejected, you may reapply with all new pictures in one week.
05. You must put a promotional banner in your user info and in an entry in your personal journal before you apply.

01. Don't do anything that'll make us want to ban you.
02. Stay Active. Post as much as you can.
03. Let's not start drama.
04. Be brutally honest.
05. When voting on applicants put YES or NO in the subject.

Challenges If you wish to challenge a member, please put Challenge under the title of your entry, and make sure all pictures and reasons are placed under the appropriate livejournal cut. You can find pictures of those you wish to challenge under our member page, and should use the photos from the photobucket we provide, or a recent post.
Members: when voting, please place the USERNAME of the person you are voting for as the subject of your comment. "You" and "her or him" do not constitute as a username.

The Mods:

mydeadparadise _j_e_s_s_i_




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Current Themes

1. Spring is here!! So its spring time ... the sun is shinning, the birds are chirping ... at least for me. So go outside and take some pictures in that gorgeous weather.

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Best Black & White Photo

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_diane - Best Campus

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